Sefton Integrated Wellness Service - Living Well Sefton/ Smokefree Sefton - People who have not accessed/experienced LWS

Closes 15 Jun 2023

Sefton Integrated Wellness Service - Living Well Sefton - Non-Service User

1. Do you...
2. Which of these health topics are most important to you?
3. How would you like to access support on these topics?
4. How easy have you found it to get healthy lifestyle support and services in Sefton?
5. If you have not used any healthy lifestyle services, is it because
6. Would any of the following encourage you to use healthy lifestyle services?
7. In what format would you like to gain information about healthy lifestyle services?
8. How would you like to get access to healthy lifestyle services?
9. Where would you expect to find healthy lifestyle services?
10. Would you like to get additional help after you have finished a programme to help you to maintain your change or to feel better?
11. If yes, what additional help would you like?
12. How often would you like to receive this help?
13. Please detail any further feedback below: