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Closed 18 Jun 2023

Opened 28 Apr 2023


Sefton Integrated Wellness Service 

Sefton’s Integrated Wellness Service ‘Living Well Sefton’ contributes to the aims of the Council priorities of mental health, reducing obesity and overweight and building community resourcefulness. We want to help people who live in Sefton to make positive lifestyle changes. Our service aims to offer practical support on a range of topics including  

  • Stopping smoking 

  • Sensible drinking 

  • Being more active 

  • Being a healthy weight 

  • Reducing stress 

  • Feeling good about yourself and about your life 

  • Increasing physical activity 

We want to do this in a number of ways as we know that different people will want different types of help: 

This service will have a central place for all healthy lifestyle information so people can get the information they need to change their lifestyle be this over the phone, online or being directed to a programme/group or class to help people make changes. 

This central place will help people to identify the changes a person wants to make to improve their health and help people to make these entire changes, not just one such as losing weight and stopping smoking. 

Why your views matter

We would welcome your thoughts and comments on what works well and how they could be improved. All information will be confidential, treated anonymously and not attributed to any individual.

Please note that at the end of this survey, before submitting your results, you will be asked if you want to provide an email address so that you can receive a PDF copy of your response. This is completely optional. The email address is only used to send the email to you via the online consultation system provided by Delib as the data processor. The email address will not be stored with the responses and Sefton Council will not have access to it. 


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