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Open Consultations

  • Parent Carer Wrap Around Childcare Survey 2024

    This survey is to find out from parents and carers what their experiences and needs are in relation to Wrap Around Childcare for school ages children (5-11). The information will be used to inform our Childcare Sufficiency Assessment. It will also help us plan to make sure there are enough high...

    Closes 14 March 2024

  • Questionnaire for Carers supporting someone living with Dementia

    The purpose of this survey is to help us better understand the experiences and concerns of the people who care for those that live with dementia. This understanding will help us to decide what action needs to be taken - action to improve the journey through dementia for both carers and those they...

    Closes 15 March 2024

  • Sefton All-Age Carers Strategy Consultation

    The Sefton Carers Strategy 2024-2027 will set out our commitment to unpaid carers and shows how partners in the Borough will work together to support unpaid carers of all ages in Sefton. An unpaid carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness,...

    Closes 24 March 2024

Forthcoming Consultations

  • Sefton Parent and Carer SEND Survey 2024

    You can zoom in to make the information bigger. Please answer based on your experience of using SEND sevices to date. There are free-text boxes where you can give us more information.

    Opens 1 March 2024

Closed Consultations

  • Sefton’s Covid Memorial Consultation

    Remember, reflect – have your say on plans for Covid memorials in Sefton.

    Closed 12 January 2024

  • Southport Eastern Access Improvement Scheme - Key Stakeholder Information

    Sefton Council are improving our streets and transport network to support our Sefton 2030 Vision, throughout the whole of the Borough of Sefton. The Southport Eastern Access scheme spans from Eastbank Street / Bridge Street to Kew Roundabout and connects to Foul Lane and Meols Cop...

    Closed 22 December 2023

  • Draft Bootle Area Action Plan

    ‘Our Future, Our Bootle’ is an Area Action Plan which will set out a clear vision for Bootle for the next two decades and beyond. Sefton Council is inviting the community to continue to shape ambitious plans that will ensure Bootle is a great place to work, live, shop and socialise....

    Closed 6 November 2023

  • Making space for water - Churchtown and Crossens, Southport

    The project, ‘Making Space for Water - Churchtown and Crossens, Southport’, aims to reduce flooding in the area by creating spaces for water to flow into during heavy rain and replacing some of the underground pipes to allow more water to flow them. The new spaces where water will flow into...

    Closed 6 November 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

Sefton Economic Strategy Consultation feedback summary.

In total there were 80 comments.

You said

  • To grow is the starting point for success and more support for smaller businesses.
  • Helping businesses to maintain and grow their businesses over a longer period.
  • Lack of affordable office space and land.
  • Businesses at our Economic Forum told us they would like more support on digital inclusion to help them grow and increase their productivity.
  • More opportunities for training and reskilling people.
  • For town centres to be more attractive, green, and accessible for people to live, visit and work.
  • Transport needs to be more flexible and better to meet the needs of the changing population; but we also need to understand more about how people with mobility issues access public transport or amenities as they are unable to walk or cycle due to limited health.
  • Feedback from focus groups included disability access be given more consideration when developing new premises as the needs of disabled people are often overlooked.

We did

  • We are working with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to use UK Shared Prosperity Funding to support Sefton businesses to start and grow. We aim to do this over the next 2-3 years with new funding coming into Sefton in mid – 2023.
  • We are setting up  a new digital network for businesses called the ‘Sefton Huddle’. Further information will be made available on
  • InvestSefton provides a range of support to help businesses of all sizes to grow. This includes one to one support; demand led business workshops and events such as the highly regarded Sefton Economic Forum and referral to many other providers for help with accessing finance, developing new markets, increasing sales and digital skills.
  • The team also works with businesses over the longer term through developing strong relationships to help them grow. Further information is available on
  • Office accommodation is highly competitive in terms of price in south of the borough compared to Liverpool City Centre. Vacant office space exists across Bootle and is available to rent.
  • Sefton Council own Southport Business Park and are in discussions with potential developer, investors and occupiers for this site.
  • Southport Town Deal is helping to fund the Southport Enterprise Arcade - a 880 sqm of refurbished office accommodation for digital and creative business use within Southport Town Centre.  
  • We have launched the Sefton Huddle-A new networking group for the borough’s digital, creative and tech businesses which will meet on a regular basis to help drive ideas to support growth in Sefton’s digital sector.
  • We have worked with a range of local employers to provide Open Days and Jobs Fairs to promote opportunities for a wide range of groups to return to learning and build their skills towards employment. This has included partnerships with organisations such as JobCentre Plus and numerous training providers to offer events for over 50s and also for younger adults, based at the Cambridge Road centre.
  • We have offered a number of accessible drop-in sessions for people looking for flexible employment including a Job Shop at the strand centre promoting work opportunities supporting the forthcoming Eurovision event.
  • We identified a number of employers keen to attract older workers and held the first Over 50s jobs fair, which was attended by more than 70 residents and 10 employers. We intend to make this a regular event.
  • We worked in partnership with a specialist agency who help younger people overcome deal with mental health issues. This resulted in a menu of options for clients from Sefton@work to experience a range of sessions and activities designed to build confidence and link them to the careers guidance. 
  • We are working tirelessly to promote our Caring Business Charter. This enables employers to offer various opportunities such as work experience placements, work trials and visits for people who have experience of care or who are looked after.
  • We are working on a more joined -up offer between Sefton@work and the Sefton Community Learning Service, so residents can track how locally available jobs can be accessible to them through high quality advice and how they can improve their longer-term prospects through building their skills.
  • Bootle town centre has secured capital levelling up funding to improve Bootle Strand as part of the first stage of its repurposing.  This will bring forward improvements to town centre including new open space and enhanced public realm, development of the Salt n Tar events space for a range of public events, community uses and night-time economy as well as enhanced soft landscaping/planting to areas fronting the Bootle canal. This will benefit to the local community and visitors to the area.
  • Investment in Ainsdale on Sea beachfront are proposed subject to environmental considerations to improve the beach toilets and parking facilities.
  • Southport Town Deal programme delivery will include improvements to the Southport visitor economy through the proposed new £73m Marine Lake Events Centre going to Planning Committee in April; enhanced public realm programme Les Transformation de Southport a £2.5m public realm enhancement programme around Southport Market and the refurbishment and improvement of Crown Buildings which will be refurbished into a digital creative business hub - Southport Enterprise Arcade (£1.5M).

The Liverpool City Region combined Authority is developing a new Local Transport Plan.  This local transport plan will look broadly at all transport modes to deliver a high-class transport system fit for the region. 

  • The Councils approved Equalities, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy (2023-2027) A Borough for Everyone, sets out an ambitious action-oriented strategy which includes a focus on our role as leader of place. Including working with partners, stakeholders, and communities to increase awareness, improve dialogue, and support improved outcomes for all communities in our borough for everyone.
  • The Council have established emerging networking groups to explore issues around how we provide information through the Improving Information Group and around access relating to travel and transport. 
  • The Council have an established staff training programme around Equality Diversity and Inclusion which includes opportunities for awareness training around visual impairment awareness, and around developing Equality Impact Assessments, for schemes, projects, and policies. 
  • The Council undertake Equality Impact Assessments as a key part of project development and are presented as part of formal council reporting. 
  • The Liverpool City Region are participants in the Cycling and Walking Index which explores a range of issues around barriers to walking and cycling.  This research includes a range of protected characteristics including, age, sex and disability amongst others.  The report can be found here;
  • All new build development projects will take disability access into consideration as part of the Council’s policy on equality and diversity and its requirements under its public sector equality duty.  

We asked

During 2021/22 we asked service users and other stakeholders about the substance use treatment service. Our aim is to deliver a modern, integrated, recovery orientated, substance use treatment service for individuals in Sefton who need support to recover from substance use and get their lives back on track.

We wanted to engage with key stakeholders i.e. service staff, pharmacists, partner organisations within the local pathway and service users to get your feedback.

The main themes of all the engagement were around awareness of service, feedback of referral process, quality of service, any gaps in service, any barriers, and stigma.

You said

On the whole respondents were positive about the local service provision and particularly the key workers. Some suggestions you said were:

  • There needs to be more awareness of support on offer from the service and better promotion.
  • There were some barriers and stigma to accessing the service for some people that need support e.g. alcohol users,
  • Community co- location in other venues may help create wider access.
  • Service is very focused on medical/clinical support needs to be wider. Also, there is a need to improve access to mental health support.
  • Lack of group sessions and peer led support in service and wider holistic support model was identified as being needed this links to the demand for a more support for Mental Health after care/ recovery support.
  • Improved service site hubs particularly in Bootle,
  • The need for more outreach work in the community for those who find it difficult to engage,
  • Better communication between service and pharmacies delivering shared care. E.g., contact available out of hours and more formal communication around medications.

We did

This is what we have done/are planning to do:

  • We have planned a stakeholder engagement event and service user day. There will promotion of the service via social media and in local neighbourhoods andl places e.g. pharmacies, GPs, and community venues.
  • The highly valued key worker model will be retained within the new service
  • Improvements on service sites
  • To offer an alternative to the main service sites, there will be satellites in the community in more generic venues to widen access and address stigma.
  • There will be an enhanced outreach service to facilitate engagement with more vulnerable cohorts and those reluctant to engage with the service.
  • A strengthening and a much larger peer led support model and more holistic engagement. A volunteer model to engage residents in service delivery.
  • An extension of psychology and counselling support in house services.
  • Strengthening of links with pharmacies to improve communications including electronic systems and contact out of hours e.g. Saturdays.

We asked


The consultation was undertaken in October-November 2020 to seek the views of both golfers and non-players about the current management of the golf course, and its potential development in the future. This was promoted on site and on-line, with targeted efforts to the resident club, existing players, local schools, colleges and businesses. We received 177 responses.

This consultation was undertaken as part of a wider plan to develop both the course and existing facilities including the development of a driving range on site. The plan was to see the views of golfers, residents, business and visitors and use the information to develop a way forward for the course.

You said


From the questionnaire responses it is fair to say that the respondents enjoy the course, even though they feel the off-course facilities are inadequate. The condition of the course is felt to be acceptable and respondents appreciate that it stays open most of the year compared to other local courses. Despite the poor condition of facilities off the course, golfers do continue to use the course. Golfers would like to see improvements in all elements of the course, from the course itself, practice facilities and the built facilities too, while non-golfers would like improvements to the Whitehouse Café.

There is support for a Driving Range to be developed alongside improving the putting green already on site to upgrade the practice facilities available to users. There is an overwhelming response to improve the off-course facilities with re-opening the Whitehouse Café to provide a bar and clubroom with an associated food offer – somewhere for golfers to get hot food and drink before, during and after a round of golf. Interestingly a few non-golfers responded with the need for a bar as a social place for local residents bringing back a facility that was lost to the area a number of years ago. On the course itself, people would like to see improvements in and around the course including improving the drainage. There was overwhelming support for a possible redesign on the course to improve it.

Overall, the consultation has identified the need for significant investment in both the practice and built facilities at the course and has also identified where smaller investment is needed on the course. Investment is being sought to develop the practice facilities through a prudential loan and there is a long-term ambition to develop the Whitehouse Café to improve the built facilities / food and drink offer through a concession.

We did

What we are doing

Course improvements are on going with improvements to ditches (to aid drainage) and irrigation system planned in the winter of 21/22. Officers are looking at proposals to improve the wider course too with potential external investment in this.

Plans are being drawn up to consider opportunities for the Whitehouse café with a view to getting this back open and available for golfers and non-golfers alike.

These plans are part of an investment strategy for the course that is currently going through Council processes.