Carers who support someone who may consider a Supported Living home in the future or are on the waiting list for Supported Living.

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Closes 29 Jan 2023

Section 1 - About You

1. I am completing this survey as:
2. How long have you been the carer of someone who may consider supported living in the future?
3. What is your relationship to the person you care for?
4. Where does the person you care for currently live?
5. Do you currently have an emergency plan in place, if you were not able to provide the care you currently do for the person you support due to an unexpected situation?
6. What is the health care need(s) of the person you support? (please tick all that apply)
7. Does the person you support receive a direct payment to pay for any activities/day centres currently?

More information about Direct Payments

For more information on direct payments and what they are please see the following link - Direct Payments

8. If YES, would you expect this direct payment to continue if they moved to a supported living property to enable previous activities/day centre activity to continue?
9. Do you have any concerns about the increase in cost-of-living expenses and energy costs for the person you support?
10. If YES, what are your main concerns? (please tick all that apply)
11. Do you currently have to use any of your finances as a carer to support the person you care for?
12. If yes, do you have concerns that this would still be required if the person you support moved to a Supported Living Home?