Introducing the Masterplan

Closed 20 Jul 2020

Opened 29 Jun 2020


Southport: Made for Living Well

Southport has always been a place which has offered a taste of the good life: glamour, a better shopping experience, something to aspire and look forward to whether you call it home or are a regular visitor to the town.

Going back two hundred years, the town that we know today was planned to provide fresh air, space, access to the coast and nature and an escape from the polluted industrial cities. The visionaries that built the town left a fine legacy of buildings, boulevards and parks and pleasure gardens, as well as a good choice of homes. Southport was a much admired place and, at its centre, Lord Street was recognised as one of the finest streets in Europe.

Many of the things which have attracted people to live in, stay and visit Southport for generations are even more relevant to our lives in 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of having access to open space and fresh air, as well as good quality homes and a healthy place to live. As we have all had to adapt to living, working and shopping locally, this has allowed time for reflection into what is special about where we live and the places which we like to visit…as well as what we would like to see improved or changed.

The Masterplan for Southport is being prepared at a time when Southport faces many challenges, but its strengths and qualities offer opportunities for a brighter future.

The masterplan is designed to provide a long term vision and direction for the town to 2030 and beyond. It recognises that there are big challenges ahead – such as the future of the high street, how tourism businesses will emerge from Covid-19 and the challenges of climate change to name a few – but proposes equally big ideas to address these challenges.

The Towns Fund may provide funding to implement some of these Big Ideas, but not all of them, and we will be looking for other sources of investment from the private sector to complement the Town Fund Deal.

These Big Ideas have been informed by what you have already told us through the Government’s “MyTown” website, the recent consultation hosted by Stand up for Southport on Facebook and through one-to-one conversations.


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