Southport Walking and Cycling Route - Hesketh Park to the Plough

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Closes 27 Jun 2021

Hesketh Park to the Plough Roundabout

Route 1 - Hesketh Park to the Plough

Hesketh Park to Plough Roundabout


  • Park Crescent.
  • Cambridge Road.
  • Preston New Road.


  • Churchtown traffic lights and shops.
  • Larkfield Primary School.
  • Crossens Nursery.
  • Presfield and Peterhouse schools.
  • Preston New Road Post Office.
  • Latter-Day Saints Meeting House.
  • Fairhaven Road junction shops; Langdons / Laundrette / Croppers Hair Design. 

We have split this route up into smaller parts with a question on each so you can tell us how you feel about our plans and ideas for each part of the route and the junctions. 

  • Park Crescent/Queens Road junction.
  • Park Crescent / Cambridge Road Roundabout.
  • Cambridge Road.
  • Churchtown Lights Junction.
  • Preston New Road.
  • Preston New Road / Fairhaven Road / North Road Junction.
  • Towards the Plough.

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This is the type of pole that could be used to seperate the cycle lanes from the car lanes. 

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