Southport Eastern Access Improvements

Closed 4 Apr 2022

Opened 21 Feb 2022


Help Us to Develop a Scheme to Improve Access to Southport from the east.

The Southport Eastern Access scheme includes proposed improvements to roads and streets around the eastern approaches to Southport including Norwood Road, Scarisbrick Road, Southport Road, Kew Roundabout and Foul Lane. 

Sefton (the Council) are improving our streets and roads to support our Sefton 2030 Vision, throughout the whole of the Borough of Sefton. The intention is to make it easier to move around and to improve links to the region and beyond. 

The Map below shows on overview of the area we are proposing to improve and its position in relation to the Town Centre. Each dot represents the location of each of the proposed changes. Please Zoom in.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

We are still in the early stages of these plans.  We dont have the funding for these improvements yet. But we are putting a Business Case together to help us get funding and your views are important.

We have also discussed the scheme with our local council elected members who are showing positive support for the scheme and its main objectives. 

We have an Easy Read version of all the survey information below please zoom in and scroll through:

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Why your views matter

Now, is the time to get your views on our plans and ask for the local knowledge of residents, businesses, schools and community members and visitors. Please take a little time to share your insights to help us develop our plans.

Please note that at the end of this survey before submitting your results, you will be asked if you want to provide an email address so that you can receive a PDF copy of your response. This is completely optional. The email address is only used to send the email to you via the online consultation system provided by Delib as the data processor. The email address will not be stored with the responses and Sefton Council will not have access to it.

What happens next

We will analyse all feedback, including the results of this survey.  We will publish a summary of the results on the Council's website and on Your Sefton Your Say.


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