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Here you will find further information related to our streets in Sefton, how we design for people walking and cycling, the health benefits of walking and cycling, Seftons Air Quality Reports and information on what you have already told us. 

Designing for people walking and cycling 

The Department for Transport have provided local authorities with a document which helps us to design better streets for people cycling.  This is called Local Transport Note 1/20

Wheels for Wellbeing have published their guide to Inclusive Cycling which sets out the basic principals for inclusive cycling. 

Walking and Cycling Trips

We collect data on trips on our walking and cycling networks.  You can see our latest figures here.  We are adding new counters across our networks on an ongoing basis.  

Air Quality

Sefton Council produce an Annual Air Quality Status Report.  This report provides a summary of air quality in Sefton, you can find the reports here.

Walking and Health

Walking is an excellent way to stay healthy it can help you burn fat, build stamina and make your heart healthier.  You can find more general information on how to get walking more here

Cycling and Health 

Cycling is another excellent way to get fit and stay healthy and is recommended by the NHS along with walking for all age groups.  More information on this is available here.  

What you have already told us

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