Short Breaks Survey 2024

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Closes 4 Aug 2024

Short Breaks Survey 2024

What are ‘Short Breaks’?

Short breaks are services which support children with disabilities and additional needs and their families. They include:

  • Day care and activities.
  • Evening care and activities.
  • Overnight care.
  • Weekend care and activities.

The care can take place in the child’s own home, the home of an approved carer, or in a residential or community setting.

Most users of short breaks are disabled children and their families but children without disabilities in need may also receive short breaks.

The breaks usually have two aims:

  • To enable the child to participate in fun, interesting and safe activities; and
  • To provide a break from caring for the parents.

They can also provide enjoyable experiences that help children and young people to become more independent and form friendships outside of their family.

Examples of short breaks services in Sefton are:

  • Aiming High – Term Time After School & Holiday Programme.
  • Buddy Up & Buddy Up Plus.
  • Springbrook Residential (Day/Overnight).
  • Direct Payments (Personal Assistant).
  • Day and overnight care.

Where can I find out more about short breaks?

You can also find out more on Sefton’s Local Offer website.

1. How often do you use these short breaks?
2. For the short breaks services you use, how well do these services meet your and your family’s needs?
3. Explain how short breaks might better meet you and your family’s needs.
4. How important are these short breaks services to you?
5. Describe how short breaks has affected you and your family.
6. How accessible are these short breaks services?
7. How could accessibility be improved?

Please use the box below to write your comments and please tell us which short break you are referring to.

8. How did you find out about short breaks opportunities in Sefton? Please tick all that apply.
9. How can information about Short Breaks be improved?
10. How could Sefton improve its short breaks services? Please tell us if you have any other comments.