SEND Short Survey 2020

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Closes 2 Oct 2020

Your views

1. Has your level of trust and confidence in the Sefton SEND Local Area Partnership to provide help and support increased?
2. Do you feel that the level of help and support that your child/young person with SEND receives meets their needs?
3. Do you feel that you receive the right level of information and advice about the EHCP assessment process?
4. Do you feel listened to in the development and review of your child’s/young person’s EHCP?
5. Do you feel that you are listened to and involved in shaping SEND services in Sefton?
6. In general, do you feel that communication regarding SEND services has improved?
7. In your opinion, are you seeing an improvement in the way health, education, social care and the SEN Casework team are working together to help and support you?
8. If you have any further comments, please write in the box below.