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Closed 20 Jul 2020

Opened 29 Jun 2020



Southport is close to the major cities of the North west, its mainline railway stations and international airports. The quality of its transport connections to the wider region and beyond are critical to ensuring access to business, visitor and job markets.

Within the town it is important that transport infrastructure (such as roads, rail, interchange facilities, cycle and pedestrian routes) support residents, businesses and visitors in safely and conveniently accessing all of the town’s attractions and facilities.

What you’ve already told us…

  • The town lacks an interchange
  • Rail services to Manchester are poor and discourage use of public transport
  • There are no direct rail services to Preston and Central Lancashire
  • Lord Street is the main A Road through the town, making it a busy and congested 
  • There are issues of congestion in the Kew area (for example along  Meols Cop Road)
  • The town centre lacks a modern multi storey car park and convenient parking for long stay
  • Retaining on street parking on Lord Street is important to support businesses
  • Parking charges are perceived to be relatively high within the town centre for residents
  • Pedestrian and cycle links from the town centre to the beach could be improved
  • The town lacks publicly accessible charging points for electric vehicles

Big Ideas for Change

Our strategy for the town centre is shown on the plan and our Big Ideas are described below:

1. Development of modern interchange facilities that encourage greater use of sustainable forms of transport

2. Lobby for better rail services between Southport, Manchester and Preston as part of the Northern Hub rail project

3. Provision of an electric shuttle bus (e-shuttle) linking the new interchange with the Waterfront attractions and Lord Street

4. Investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the town centre, and as a feature of new car parking facilities and major developments

5. Development of a new multi storey car park

6. Re-route through traffic away from Lord Street to make this a more pedestrian and cycle friendly route

7. Redesign the roadspace along Lord Street to incorporate dedicated cycle lanes in both directions and to make the pavement wider in places to assist in safe and comfortable crossing. On street parking provision for bikes as well as short stay parking to be integrated in to the design

8. Upgrade Coastal Road to an A Road to accommodate through traffic

9. Redesign Nevill Street and the junction of Nevill Street and the Promenade to give more space to pedestrians

10. Improve the quality of Scarisbrick Avenue as a key pedestrian route to the waterfront

11. Redesign the Promenade to make this a pedestrian and cycle friendly route and to strengthen connections between the town centre and the waterfront

12. Create a series of “destination streets”, including the central section of Lord Street, Chapel Street, Eastbank Street and King Street where the public realm is enhanced and the pedestrian is given priority

13. Create new “park and change” facilities at the former Kew Park and Ride site, Southport Business Park and Ainsdale-on-Sea to enable interchange between cars and bikes

14. Make improvements to Meols Cop Road to reduce congestion and queuing

What Happens Next

What happens next?

We will review all feedback received and use this to inform our bid for £25 million from the Towns Fund, which will be submitted to the Government later this year. This will be an ongoing conversation between residents, businesses, the Town Deal Board, Sefton Council and Government and there will be more opportunities to get involved. 


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