Great Georges Road Walking and Cycling Improvements

Closed 2 Mar 2020

Opened 27 Jan 2020


In Summer 2019, Sefton Council declared a Climate Change Emergency, which is a Council resolution to take action to combat the effects of climate change. The declaration identified that business as usual is no longer an option and that our children deserve a liveable Sefton. Sefton Council are committed to reducing its carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 and we are now working out how best to do this.  

Road transport, cars, buses and lorries etc, also contribute to levels of poor air quality and this was written about in last year's Public Health Report. Encouraging more people to walk and cycle by making our streets in Sefton better for people to walk and cycle along are key to achieving our net zero carbon target and to improve our air quality.

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has published its Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.  This Plan sets out the funding priorities for the City Region.  Phase 1 of the plan includes improvements to routes along the coast including the Crosby area, with the aim to create high quality walking and cycling routes across the City Region.  

Why your views matter

As part of Sefton's local transport investment plans we are now looking at how we can improve the walking and cycling link from Crosby Coastal Park along Great Georges Road to Five Lamps, Waterloo.   This links to the plans outlined in the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and to our local walking and cycling networks.  

This scheme will be funded through the City Regions programme to improve conditions for people walking and cycling know as Sustainable Transport Enhancements Programme (STEP)

We want to make Great Georges Road an excellent route for families to cycle and better for everyone to walk along.  We have been working up ideas and we need your views and opinions to help shape those ideas further.  

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Please note that at the end of this survey, before submitting your results, you will be asked if you want to provide an email address so that you can receive a PDF copy of your response.  This is completely optional.  The email address is only used to send the email to you via the online consultation system provided by Delib as the data processor.  The email address will not be stored with the responses and Sefton Council will not have access to it.  

What happens next

We will look at all the responses to our ideas. We will then produce a report which will include responses and decide what we should do.  This report will be discussed by your local Ward Councillors and the Cabinet Member for Locality Services. After this has been discussed a report will be available on the Sefton Council Website .



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