Sefton Economic Strategy Consultation 2022/2023

Closed 17 Aug 2022

Opened 20 Jul 2022



An Economic Strategy is a plan that looks at the business and employment needs of an area and sets out what the Council will do to meet these needs.

Sefton Council is seeking views on how to help improve the economy of the borough for its residents, communities, and businesses.

Why your views matter

Sefton Council has a Sefton Economic Strategy but work on this changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that we are recovering from the pandemic, we need to look again at the Economic Plan for Sefton to make sure:

  • The information is correct and important for Sefton
  • Whether the four themes are the correct themes

Please read a copy of the draft Sefton Economic Strategy before completing the questions.  This is attached to this consultation as a related document, but in summary this document  picks out the key economic data and information considered the most important for Sefton in 2022. It also helps in setting out the key themes against which Sefton’s Economic Strategy could be developed. The document includes data on income, employment, claimants, workforce & skills, the number and type of businesses, economic development,  housing needs and how many residents move from one place and settle in another.  The data provided leads to four identified proposed themes:

  1. Employment & Access to work
  2. Business growth & Investment
  3. Social Inclusion & Access for all
  4. Regenerated Places

If you would like a copy of the draft strategy, please email

Copies of this consultation document are available and in other formats such as large print, audio, easy read, etc. on request.  To request this service please call 0151 934 3733.

At the end of the survey you will be asked if you want to give an email address so that you can receive a copy of your response. You do not have to do this. The email address is only used to send the email to you from Your Sefton Your Say. The email address will not be stored with the responses and Sefton Council will not have access it, unless you have given your email address as part of the survey.

What happens next

The key findings will be assessed upon completion of the consultation which ends on 17th August. 2022. The feedback and data will help inform the final Sefton Economic Strategy which will be circulated to all respondents for final comment before being presented for approval by Cabinet. Upon approval the Sefton Economic Strategy will be published and launched 

The findings of the consultation will also be published on the Your Sefton Your Say Consultation Hub.  Information will also be available in easy read.


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