Extra Care Housing Allocations Policy Consultation

Closed 11 Apr 2023

Opened 10 Feb 2023

Feedback updated 23 Apr 2024

We asked

Extra Care Allocations Policy

A pledge from the Sefton 2030 vision was to work together to ensure Sefton people have housing choice across all types and tenures across the Borough. One housing option that will support this is Extra Care Housing.

Extra care housing is a specialist housing provision that combines accommodation with care and support services designed to offer safe, private, and secure accommodation.

The draft Extra Care Allocations Policy details the eligibility, process, and system for applying for Extra Care Housing in Sefton.

A public consultation process was conducted from Friday 10th February 2023 for a period of two months to Tuesday 11th April 2023.

We Asked: -

The survey consisted of five questions and comment sections for each and a generic comments section (also including twelve optional equality monitoring questions).

The focus of the consultation and engagement was: -

1)           Extra Care Eligibility

a.           Local Connection

b.           Age Threshold

c.           Support needs

2)           Allocations Process

3)           Nominations Process

You said

Responses received included fifty-two from individuals and two stakeholder groups one of which included ten participants at Parkhaven Extra Care Housing Scheme.

  • 89% agree with the proposed criteria of local connection.
    • Eighteen comments received in relation to the proposed criteria of local connection.
    • Although 89% agreed comments around allowing applicants with close family and carer connections to the borough was highlighted. Agreed to monitor these applications but no change to policy as this could lead to current residents not being able to access extra care housing. This would also leave us open to challenge and would be difficult to manage and apply.


  • 92% agree with the proposed age criteria of 55+.
    • Nine comments received in relation to the proposed age criteria of 55+.
    • Some minor mixed comments re upping and lowering the age limit and ensuring careful consideration is given. Overall positive and no changes to the criteria.
  • 87% of response agreed with the proposed criteria to also consider people under the age of 55.
    • Fifteen comments received in relation to the proposed criteria to also consider people under the age of 55.
    • Some positive comments and views.
  • 96% agree with the proposed criteria to also consider people with support needs.
    • Eight comments received in relation to the proposed criteria to also consider people with support needs.
    • 96% in agreeance but some comments and amendment to 3.3 and actions around the care and support specification agreed.
  • Seventeen additional comments received through the generic question around the policy.
    • Some positive comments and overall, no action required.

We did

Our first Extra Care Allocations Policy has now been produced and approved following this feedback.

Amendments included: -

  • Agreed to reviewing the wording of 3.3 of the policy and an action to follow up with Housing Providers re succession rights of tenants.
  • Minor amendment to 3.2 and well put comment re siblings and which will amend 3.3 to reflect.
  • Amendment to 3.3 and actions around the care and support specification agreed.

The policy was shared with cabinet members and was sent to cabinet for approval on the 1st of February 2024.

The policy was also be published on the “Your Sefton, Your Say” platform.

An implementation plan is now underway to ensure the policy is embedded and does what it has set out to do.


Extra care housing is specialist housing provision designed for older people that combines accommodation with care and support services to offer safe, private and secure accommodation whilst allowing service users to retain their independence of having their own home.

Sefton has a population that is living longer, and people tell us that a preference is to be able to remain in their own home, with the ability to access care and support if needed at some stage.

For those who already have support needs, or whose health is declining and indicates that they may need more help in the coming years, extra care housing offers the option to meet these needs.

We are aiming to develop 1300 units by 2036, which equates approximately fifteen schemes across Sefton.

We are developing an Extra Care Allocations Policy:-

The allocations policy will set out a clear pathway that is open and transparent and available to Sefton residents. It will ensure those in need are prioritised fairly and objectively.

The aim of the policy is to promote independence and well-being, making a balanced, vibrant, and sustainable community for residents with care and support needs which will play a key role in preventing and avoiding admissions to residential care homes and hospital settings.

The Extra Care Allocations Policy provides the criteria by which people applying for accommodation in Extra Care Housing in Sefton are assessed. And, if eligible the process and system for allocating appropriate available accommodation.

This allocations policy will require further work following our consultation before the presentation of the final version to Cabinet. Cabinet is a group of Sefton Councillors who take most of the final decisions about what the Council does, it is made up of the council leader and nine other members.

Consultation with key stakeholders is vital to ensure that the policy is robust, fair and helps meet housing needs with the Borough.

Key Messages:

This is Sefton’s first Extra Care Allocations Policy.

To be eligible for Extra Care Housing in Sefton you must meet the three criteria stipulated in the policy which are: 

  • Local Connection, 
  • Age,
  • Care or support need,

If you are nominated by Adult Social Care for a placement within Extra Care Housing, you will have an assessment regarding your finances.   This will be completed by the housing provider to determine if you are eligible based on your financial situation

Why your views matter

Engagement and consultation are very important in Sefton.

It’s vital to the council and our partners that we understand the views of residents and use that information to develop services, products and communications that work for them.

We want to make sure that we support people and our communities to get involved in the public services they receive.

You can also read the more detail in the Extra Care Allocation Policy at the bottom of this page or search for ‘Extra Care Housing’ on Sefton Council’s website.

What happens next

We want to make sure what people need are met now and in the future within the policy.

Your feedback is important to us and will form part of a report that will go to Cabinet in the Summer of 2023 for final approval.


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