Sefton Integrated Wellness Service - Living Well Sefton - People who have accessed/experienced LWS

Closes 15 Jun 2023

Sefton Integrated Wellness Service - Living Well Sefton

1. Please tell us how you accessed the service?
2. Can you tell us the reason why you were referred and what support you needed?
3. Did you find the service easy to access? (By access we mean is the service easy to make contact with and attend in person sessions)
4. When you first contacted the service did you gain a clear understanding of the service and what support was available to you?
5. What were your first impressions of the service? Think about your experience when you first attended
6. Can you tell us what works well in the service and how it has helped you? For example, you could consider any activities or sessions you attended
7. Are there any reasons that could prevent people from attending the service?
8. Would you recommend the service you attended to others?
9. Do you have any suggestions of how we could promote this service to others?
10. If Sefton launched an app offering incentives such as vouchers for shops, gym discounts and cinema tickets for people who eat healthily and exercise more, is this something that would you sign up for?
11. Please detail any further feedback below: