Public Space Protection Order - Southport Railway Station and Surrounding Area

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Closes 24 Sep 2021


The Rules of the Public Space Protection Order are set by the Council after consultation with many partners, including residents and businesses.

These can be rules for everything included and/or  can be targeted against certain behaviours, by certain groups, at certain times.

The Public Space Protection Order can stop access to public spaces (including certain types of highway) where that route is being used to commit anti-social behaviour.

This order will be enforced by Merseyside Police/ British Transport Police and Sefton Council and the proposed order will establish the following laws (rules):

Not to drink alcohol in identified public spaces in order to prevent Anti-Social Behaviour which has a damaging effect on the quality of life in the areas listed in the map below.

Not to gather in groups of more than two people if an authorised officer believes that the grouping could lead to Anti-Social Behaviour or Low-Level Crime

Not to use offensive and or aggressive language that may have a damaging effect upon other users within the identified areas.

Not to use the area to defecate or Urinate



To hand over alcohol when requested by an Authorised Officer




There is a penalty for breaking the rules of the Public Space Protection Order - a fixed penalty notice of £50 if paid within 10 days, rising to £75 after this.  

Breaking this law is also a criminal offence. A fine of up to level 3 can be issued on prosecution if the offence is not removed by paying the fixed penalty.

The restricted areas include:

Within Southport Railway Station and entrances to Southport Railway Station. Within Southport Railway Station Car Park, Roads adjacent to the Railway station: Chapel Street, Tulketh Street, London Road and including Lord Street, Southport. 

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Anyone who lives in, or regularly works in or visits the area can appeal the making of a Public Space Protection Order in the High Court within six weeks of it starting.

Further appeal is available each time the Public Space Protection Order is changed by the Council.

More than one restriction can be added to the same Public Space Protection Order, meaning that a single Order can deal with a wider range of behaviours than the orders it replaces.

Consultation on this Public Space Protection Order will take place with the following people and organisations:


  • The Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner.

  • Merseyside Police.

  • Local businesses in the areas covered by the Public Space Protection Order.

  • Residents in the local community.

  • Sefton Council’s Legal Services.